DeLeon Elementary

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About DeLeon


DeLeon Elementary school strives to offer a student centered learning environment with the highest level of engagement and the use of critical thinking skills. 


The entire faculty of DeLeon Elementary school strives to


  • All Kinder, First and Second Grade students will achieve Tier 1 on ISIP by 2019
  • 100% of all Third, Fourth and Fifth grade students will achieve mastery on STAAR Reading, Math, Writing and Science by 2019
  • DeLeon Elementary School average daily attendance will reach 100% by the year 2019
  • Students in all grade levels will be provided with a safe learning and working environment.
  • Student engagement will be enhanced by the incorporation of Kagan Cooperative Learning Strategies

Logo: Dragon

School Colors: Green, Yellow

School Motto: DeLeon Strong

School History

DeLeon was founded in 1981, and bears the name of our city’s founder, Martin DeLeon.